Snow Closure

Notification of closure of the school due to snow will be publicised on the following website.


Eastling school operates a cascade system in the event that the school has to close due to severe weather conditions or emergencies.
Up to date details have been sent to the parents who have very kindly agreed to contact groups of parents should the need arise.

Please note any closures due to severe weather conditions are posted on the KCC Kent Closures website.

Decisions about closure last year were based on the staff capacity to get to the site. We apologise for the late notice of some of these but can see no alternative action, short of 'guessing' closure conditions.

We hope that parents will understand that our first priority is to try and open the school every day.
This year the Authority has asked that school remains open all day if at all possible.
Children leaving early because of the possibility of 'worsening conditions' at parents' choice would be marked as 'unauthorised absence'.

The safety of travel to school is once more based on parental decision; children who cannot reach the school due to travel problems will be marked as 'absent due to weather'. This would not apply to children who could reasonably walk to school (eg village residents).
Please ensure you keep us up to date with your correct emergency contact details.
Should you have any queries please contact us.