School Results

Each year, the school publishes the results from its previous SATs achievements. This is in line with the Government requirements to give information to prospective parents.

In reading these results it is important for parents to consider that:
  • Percentages given for small numbers of children can fluctuate wildly and widely!
  • Our school is proud to be inclusive as we believe that society is made up from all walks of life rather than  selecting pupils who are likely to do well academically;
  • The results shown are simply final stages – they don’t indicate the starting positions of the children involved;
  • These results are simply indicative of one area of the school, not an approach that seeks to develop the whole child in academic and non-academic areas;
  • Published test results do not include any child who has missed any paper or part of a test (so, for example, if one pupil is ill on the day of the mathematics test, their score is still included within the percentages.) Current published results tend to lag behind actual performance.

This is our latest published result set but do please ask for further guidance and explanation concerning its content if this is required.

*[Result sets tend to be published in October for the previous July by schools, and are published on ‘official' sites often from 2 years previously]

Please use our contact form to request this information.

These are cumulative percentages (eg the percentage getting the given level and better)

Targets are set in partnership with the LA using independent data to guide challenging achievements.

This document is the official Summary sheet for the school's performance - it does need some explanation, so if you'd like guidance please contact us (the summary sheet is updated around November each year).

Figures are also available that compare the school's performance over:

  • The last three years
  • Each subject area
  • Between boys and girls

We should also point out that our KS1 figures 2006-2009 show outstanding results (as defined by OfSTED) where each year the children's performance is significantly above expected.

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