Reception Induction Programme

Please click here for a copy of our current induction letter and dates.

Induction Process

Above all else, we want your child to have a happy and successful start in their new school.
We believe very strongly in this and have very generous staffing levels to ensure that it happens (currently we have 1 member of staff for each 6 children in Reception year!).
Your son or daughter's entry to the school is carefully managed through a lengthy 'induction' process. Details of the most up-to-date programme are shown on our induction letter.

After this, entry to the school is carefully considered between ourselves and you - last year it meant that all children (from the age of 4 years and 3 months) were happily and productively engaged in the school full-time by half term in October.

Parents as Partners

We want you to know how valuable your expertise and knowledge of your child is to us.

  • Staff show respect and understanding for the role of the parent in your child's education;
  • The past and future part played by you in the education of your children is recognised and explicitly encouraged;
  • Staff listen to your accounts of your child's development and any concerns you may have;
  • Our arrangements for settling in are flexible enough to give time for children to become secure and for the staff and you to discuss your child's circumstances, interests, skills and needs;
  • The knowledge and expertise of you and other family adults are used to support the learning opportunities provided by the setting;
  • Relevant learning activities and play activities, such as reading and sharing books, can be continued at home.

Similarly, experiences at home are used to develop learning in the school, for example visits and celebrations.