The Financial Management Standards in School award shows that the school ensures best value for money for the children as well as ensuring that spending of the school budget on their behalf is both effective and efficient . It also shows that the school considers its spending compared to other schools.

   The Arts council award recognises the commitment that the school has shown to teaching both through and with the arts.

   This standard shows that the school teaches its children about sustainability and how to conserve our environment for others. This includes energy saving and community projects such as tree planting and our "Help us go green" club.

   The Healthy school standard indicates that the school encourages and develops the children to make healthy choices in all areas of their lives from exercise to eating!

   The International award shows that the school engages in networking beyond our own shores and has considered and studies educational initiatives and approaches in different countries first hand.

   Our Safe School standard recognises the lengths that we have gone to ensuring the safety and well being of the children within our care.

   Our Next Generation learning Logo indicates our commitment o the development of learning using ICT both within the school and in the outside community.

   The Platinum Travel to School award recognises the planning and approaches that the school undertakes to encourage both health and sustainability through transport choices.

   Sports England indicates that the school has made sure that each child is involved in healthy activities including a good amount of PE on a weekly basis.