Year Year group Term 1/2 Term 3/4 Term 5/6
  R Christmas / celebrations Journeys and travel Stories from other religions
ev 1 Judaism                  (belief, celebrations,stories,symbols,belonging) 1C Gifts at Xmas 2B Jesus' stories        Belonging and myself, leaders and teachers)              SBU Class assembly 2C Celebrations          (Sundays, symbols -link with church visit    Belonging - Baptism, marriage)
od 2 1C Xmas - good news and news bringers Hindu - celebrations (Holi, Diwali, Rakasha Bandhan)       Celebrations - Saints    SBU Class assembly Stories Jesus told (Samaritan, Lost coin, Prodigal son, Great feast, Widows mite)                              Belonging -love, church, care for the world
ev 3 Journey of life (naming)      Inspirational leaders (Jesus) Initiation ceremonies           Jesus' life - birth and childhood      Xmas symbols (Advent) Christianity Islam - life of Muhammad (pbu), belief , questions, worship, symbols      Journey of life - stages marked          Religion and community, belief in action Judaism - belief and qn.                       Journey of life -Brit Milah, Bar Mitzvah     Religion - aids to prayer    Christian - pentecost, ascension.  Marriage - promises.
od 4 Judaism -worship (Rosh hashanah, Yom Kippur) - God as creator / Holy Trinity                          Pilgrimage                 Festivals of light Hinduism -1 god, many names, Elephant and the blind man, Hindu stories                       Islam - teachings(Qur'an, Worship) and festivals (Id ul Fitr, Id ul Adha)
ev 5 Worship and sacred places , methodist, at home, church        Symbolism -Eucharist Different styles of worship     Christmas - journeys Worship - Synagogue, role of rabbi, aids to worship (revise), prayer book              Moses and law giving, torah              Easter -good and evil Islam - importance of Friday, Mosque, role of Imam  death ceremonies     Journey of life - funerals, handling loss
od 6 5C The Bible    - teachings and authority (old and new testament)        Christmas accounts in Matthew and Luke Teachings and authority - disciples, forgiveness, healer, Christian biogs, faith in Action, belief in action                        Easter -in depth Sikhism teachings and authority, 5Ks,Gurdwarda, beliefs, Individual commitment, religion and community