Year Year group Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
  R Nursery rhymes and poems on FS themes Songs using body parts / Christmas songs Nursery rhymes and poems on FS themes Music Express Music Express linked with topic
ev 1 Music Express Unit - U3 - The long and the short of it - exploring duration Music Express Unit - U4 - Feel the pulse - exploring pulse and rhythm / U7 - Rain, rain go away - exploring timbre, tempo and dynamics Music Express unit - U6 - Whats the score - exploring instruments and symbols
od 2 Music Express- U1 - Ongoing skills
Music Express - U5 - Taking off - exploring pitch Music Express Unit - U2 - Sounds interesting - exploring sounds
ev 3 Music Express Unit Music Express Unit Row, row, we are the Vikings
od 4 Music Express Unit QCA 14 Salt, pepper singing games Music Express Unit
ev 5 QCA 17 ME6 Roundabout Exploring Rounds QCA 18 ME6 Journey into space ME6 Songwriter Exploring lyrics and melody ME6 Cyclic patterns Exploring rhythm and pulse Exploring sound sources Musical production
od 6 Sea shanties, camp fire songs Composing Tribal songs - exploring rhythm and pulse (ME6) Performance