Year Year group Term 1/2 Term 3/4 Term 5/6
  R Appreciation of own and others art - themes materials / celebrations Appreciation of own and others art - themes Spring /weather Portraits, models
ev 1 Printing / Clay and plasticene work Van Gogh / Puppets Matisse  Collage Paperwork
od 2 Toys in art - link to DT Making simple toys Mondrian, Painting and use of ICT Pienowsky (Meg and Mog illustrator) / Weaving and sewing
ev 3 Holbein Van Eyck / Perspective Seurat & Signac / Pottery Oldenburg, Duchamp/ 3D modelling Clay work, print and textiles
od 4 Turner Constable Drawing Painting Collage Monet & the Impressionists  Links to Painting and colour mix Lichtenstein & Warhol / Painting ICT
ev 5 Pre-Raphaelites [Millais, Hunt, Whistler] W. Morris / Printing Painting ICT Leonardo da Vinci / Durer (Links to observational drawing) Abstract art - Klee,Pollock / Pop art - Warhol 
od 6 Tudor portraits: proportion and symmetry  Graffiti - Banksy  Drawing and painting landscapes (Lowry and Turner) Henri   Rousseau   Delauny               Jungle art         Cubism