Friends Of Eastling School Events
2015 - 2016



Parent Of

Chair Tanya HannCameron in Leopards
Vice Chair Jo GregoryMax in Tigers & Jess in Lions
Treasurer Natalie LoweJames in Tigers & Jasmin in Cubs
Secretary Jo MartelFlorence in Leopards
Committe Member Jan WilliamsMax in Leopards
Committe Member Karen TavernerEmily in Lions
Committee Member Caroline & Lee AdamsCraig in Lions & Sophie in Cubs
Head Teacher Mrs Melanie Dale 

Also we are very pleased to have secured the occasional help of the following parents as 'helping hands' at FOES events


Georgia Smart
Laura Bishop
Nicky Bowsher Gibbs
Mark Goodman
Jodi Butler
Lauren & Simon Anning
Catherine Ochs
Sara Giannuzzi
Rosie Moss
Lyndsey & Tom Hudson
Naomi Blunt
Marcia Young
Nicky Bullock
Rob Sadler